For chess authors, can create, publish and distribute customized, interactive Chess booklets based on any topic or theme. With an array of powerful, flexible editing tools, our publishing platform reduces lead-time, decreases the reliance on publishing houses, and encourages creativity!

Out go stressful idea pitches, onerous contracts, and derisory revenue sharesIn comes the flexibility to publish what you want, when you want, with more control, more influence – and, with a larger share of the revenues! We can also assist in sales, marketing and fulfillment, leaving authors to do what they do best – write great chess books!

These chess booklets are a next-generation, interactive re-incarnation of Monographs and Treatises from the 17th/18th Centuries, and printed Chess booklets from 1970-90s (e.g. Chess Trends, TN!, Chess Digest et al). From a Chess improver’s perspective, they make learning fast, flexible and fun. One single mouse-click and they’re enjoying, real-time game-play, exploring variations, or creating diagrams for reference.

Are you interested in publishing a Chess e-book? … then, contact us TODAY! Or, to get acquainted with our products, why not read more about the chess booklets, and download the free examples. We also offer a range of marketing services, including branded chess booklets, bookmarks, puzzles and chess sets.