This page outlines’s interactive, click-n-learn Chess booklets. Simply put, these PDFs are next-generation Chess books for accelerated chess improvement. Out go static, lifeless textbooks, with reams of dull text, and tedious Chess algebra. In come interactive books, with visual appeal, real-time gameplay, diagram generators, and more!

From a Chess improver’s perspective, they make learning fast, flexible and fun. One single mouse-click and you’re enjoying, real-time game-play against an in-built Chess engine, exploring variations, or producing printable diagrams for reference. As a result, concepts, openings, tactics, themes – all become faster to understand, easier to retain!

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The booklets are designed for platform-independent use on PCs, Macs et al. The focus is on ‘seeing and doing’, combining visual and hands-on learning. Each and every move is presented in diagrammatic, standard algebraic and Forsyth Edwards notations.  For the convenience of readers, publications contains 20 games (max) – providing concise, focused Chess learning.

For Chess authors, we can publish what you want, when you want, with more control, and more influence – see: custom Chess publishing serviceFor businesses, we can get your brand in front of the lucrative Chess improver, enthusiast demographic – see: Chess marketing services.

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