This page outlines’s branded, digital Chess bookmarks . Simply put, these are a twist on an age-old concept: PDFs – designed to print on paper or card – cut out, and then use as a regular bookmark in a printed book.

For chess enthusiasts, many of whom own lots of books and magazines, they’re fun, free and useful. For children, they encourage reading, and learning – inside and outside of Chess. For businesses, they can advertise product and services – as a free gift, or a digital flyer.

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In the free examples, each PDF comprises of 2 pages, with different designs, for the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube website URLs, towards the bottom of the bookmark. These URLs can be clicked, so they’re designed to work as online (digital) and offline (printed) marketing tools.

The bookmarks can feature any brand, any logo, and any website URLs. They can be produced in UK (A4) and US (US Letter) paper sizes, with 100s of different piece + colour  design options.  Are you looking for new ways to promote your Chess brand? … then, contact us TODAY!

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[*] The downloads are FREE, although, we do ask for a Tweet or Facebook post.  Why? … well, each time you grab a free product, we get a little publicity in return. Want more freebies? … then, visit the downloads, videos, utilities and newspaper pages – and, find us on  YouTube, Facebook [plus ChessCreator, ChessBooklets, ChessEngland pages] and Twitter.