There are 4  main products, offered on

Booklets: amazing, interactive click-n-play e-books!  Out go static, lifeless textbooks, with reams of dull text, and tedious Chess algebra. In come interactive booklets, with visual appeal, real-time gameplay, diagram generators, and more!

Bookmarks: a fun, free way to make reading more enjoyable!  Our these are are a twist on an age-old concept: created in PDF – designed to print, cut out, and  use as a regular bookmark in a printed book or magazine.

Puzzles: a unique combination of chess, tetris and jigsaws!  Chess themed, with block shaped pieces – designed to print, cut out, and then solve – if you can, that is!

Chess Sets: useful, convenient ‘print-on-demand’ chess sets. These feature chess board and pieces, designed to print, cut out, and use as a regular Chess set. Use them to play games, record positions, solve problems and/or as teaching aids.