This page contains some of the very best Chess channels on YouTube:  Do you run a Chess channel? Do you want extra views and subs?  Then, get your chess channel listed here! Just scroll down the page, for the super simple instructions!

  • DraganLalic : Peter Lalic’s chess channel, featuring 600+ video lectures
  • ChessNoir : Like chess? Click here for Supercool chess awesomeness!
  • Will to Win: a systematic and entertaining approach to improvement.
  • PiewalkerMatt: chess adventures, misadventures and more, from Matt.
  • Epic Chess!: a great selection of 300+ chess videos, openings, traps, live games, and more!
  • GooseChess: live bullet and blitz games, plus amazing chess events!!
  • Chess Strike: a selection of chess videos, inc. opening, tactics, etc!
  • Cool Chess GM: a selection of chess videos, inc. opening, tactics, etc!

 If you want your Chess related channel listed on, it couldn’t be easier.  It’s 100% free, takes less than 2 minutes and, the best things is, you’ll generate extra views and subs!


a. Subscribe to ChessCreator on YouTube;

b. Send me a Friend or Contact request on YouTube;

c. Add the ChessCreator channel to your Other Channels box; and

d. Send a personal message through YouTube to confirm A + B + C and, most importantly, to request your 100% free listing on; it’s that simple!

If you’re unsure of anything, just send me a personal message through YouTube.

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Stephen (a.k.a. ChessCreator)