This page outlines’s branded, digital Chess toolbar. product (note: support notes, beneath; toolbar article, click here). Simply put, these are free widgets – designed to gives users 24/7 access to websites, social media channels, and more – through their browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome).  For chess enthusiasts, these are convenient, free and useful tools, giving real-time access to great chess content.

note: It’s not possible to install multiple Toolbars; if you install a 2nd, it will replace the 1st. As the installation takes 15 seconds, though, it’s simple enough to trial all of the above – and select a favourite!

For businesses, they promote brands, generate awareness, and stimulate traffic – with links to websites, products, services, social media channels et al.  Are you looking for new ways to promote your Chess brand? … then, contact us TODAY!

Product Support:

  • I tried to install the Toolbar but nothing happened. What now? Sometimes, Firefox will place a warning bar at the top of the browser to warn you that you are installing software. It might be necessary to click on the button in that bar and “Allow” the Toolbar to be installed, then click the Install button again.

  • How do I uninstall the Toolbar? To uninstall simply follow these steps: 1. Open Firefox and go to the Tools drop-down menu; 2. Select Add-ons; 3. Select your toolbar; 4. Click the Uninstall button to remove it from your Firefox browser; 5.  Firefox will ask you to restart your browser; please do so.  Once you open Firefox again, the Toolbar should be removed.
  • I download the Toolbar but don’t see it. Where did it go? If you have Windows 2000 or XP and you’re having trouble installing the Toolbar, please check to see if you have administrator privileges on your computer. With these two operating systems, you must have administrator privileges to install the software. If you do have administrator privileges, please go to the View menu and select Toolbars to be sure your Toolbar is checked. If this does not cause the Toolbar to appear, please try restarting your browser (you may want to bookmark this FAQ first for future reference). If this doesn’t work either, please try restarting your computer and then opening a new browser window.
  • Can I hide the Toolbar? Yes, the Toolbar can be hidden. Click on View at the top of your browser window, go to Toolbars, find and click on your Toolbar in the list to hide it. When you hide the Toolbar, all new browser windows will have the Toolbar hidden as well. Note that when the toolbar is hidden it remains inactive. To show the Toolbar again, just go back to the Toolbars list and click your Toolbar to open it again.
  • How can I customize the toolbar? You can control how the toolbar interacts with your browser and what information it sends to servers by clicking on the “Options” menu under the gear icon on the right-hand side of the Toolbar.

  • Caveat: These are free beta products, supplied without warranties – express or implied: as such, they are subject to change, or withdrawal – without notice.