Sicilian Grand Prix Attack – Utah Team Championship Round 4 – Sept 24, 2011

Here’s my round 4 game from the Utah Team Championship on Sept. 24, 2011 where I finally was able to play a Sicilian Grand Prix attack as white, a system that Magnus Carlsen has played, and Grandmaster Henrik Danielsen has advocated. This was an official USCF-rated tournament. Time controls were 60 minutes for each player with a 5 second delay. My two teammates lost their games vs the other two Univ of Utah players, and my team ended up placing third in the tournament out of 12 teams. The Univ of Utah team placed second. I ended the day 3-1 and went up in USCF rating to 1693. Here’s the game viewable at And here’s a great video on the Sicilian Grand Prix Attack by GM Henrik Danielsen: