LIve Blitz – Sicilian Dragon – NM WStewart vs Connor7

♕ ARTICLE: ♕ ♕ I was surprised by my opponent’s opening choice of the Sicilian Dragon and decided to play an interesting sideline involving an early h3 and direct g4, similar to a Closed Sicilian System however it allowed me to play 10. g5 very quickly to disrupt his knight on f6. With 11. Nf5!? I was really trying to put the pressure on him, however he reacted calmly with 11. …Be5 although this allowed me to achieve an annoying clamp on the dark squares surround his king. With 16. f4, white was able to chase down black’s dark square bishop and obtain some threats against black’s king – although I used way too much time trying to find something concrete and ended up losing in time-trouble.