Live Blitz – nesska vs WStewart – Queen’s Gambit, Blackburne-Zukertort Defense (BONUS game)

♕ ARTICLE: ♕ ♕ White opens with the Queen’s Gambit and I was really having a tough time figuring out what opening I was in the mood for. Through a somewhat strange move order, I arrived at some type of Blackburne-Zukertort Defense with a queenside fianchetto exerting influence on the center. White opted to release the tension in the center to leave me with loose pawns on d5 and c5, and I was forced to play very actively to hang on to the pawns. White misplaced his rook on the sideline with 19. Rb3?! and in the ensuing complications I was able to decisively break open the center with 24. …c4 and 25. …d4. Interface used ICC: