Live 3/5 min Blitz #78: Sicilian Kan/Modern Defense – Ken (2051) Rkm (2048) vs Piewalker (2249)

I played black in both games against two different 2000+ rated opponents. The first game I played the Sicilian Kan in a 3 min game, and in a 5 min game I played the Modern Defense with Benoni ideas. I played the Sicilian Kan in the first game in response to e4, and white continued with an interesting c4 advance and additional queenside pressure. I played Nimzo-Indian-ish with a Bb4 development and exchanging for the knight on c3, doubling white’s pawns. In the second game I played the sniper, or the Modern Defense (g6, Bg7) with Benoni ideas (c5). I made a big mistake with f6 in a misguided attempt to alleviate white bishop pressure exerted on g5. How do I recover from a mistake like that? Watch and see. What else could I have done? Comments are certainly appreciated! Please subscribe to PiewalkerMatt if you haven’t already done so.