Levon Aronian vs Hikaru Nakamura – Chess960 World Championship Game 2 (Rd 4.1)

Continuing the Grandmaster Chess960 series, this video covers the second meeting of Aronian and Nakamura at the 2009 Chess960 World Championship (Rapid). Will Aronian’s attacking ideas payoff? Time control: 20min + 5 second increment for each side Official home page of the Chess960 World Championship (Rapid) in Mainz, Germany: chesstigers.de Please LIKE our Chess 960 (Fischer Random) page on Facebook, which is updated regularly with all things CHESS960! See www.facebook.com Here’s Bobby Fischer describing the rules of Fischer Random (Chess 960 as it will later be called), including the proper accurate nomenclature for castling procedures: www.bobby-fischer.net Also see the history of good history of Chess 960 at Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org