Jan Timman Vs Garry Kasparov – Ruy Lopez Opening – Soviet Chess – 1985

♕ ARTICLE: www.onlinechesslessons.net ♕ facebook.com ♕ twitter.com ♕ OnlineChessLessons.net Jan Timman vs Garry Kasparov Hilversum 1985 – The players open with the Ruy Lopez, and Kasparov decides to employ a line reminiscent of the Breyer Variation with 15. …Nb8 and 16. …Nd7 – preparing for the opening of the center by rerouting the knight to a more comfortable position. Timman crashes the center with 18. c4!? – and comes out on the better end of the complications as Kasparov is forced to defend his b5 pawn awkwardly with 20. …c6 – temporarily shutting his own bishop on b7 out of the game. Timman jumps on the opportunity with 21. a4! – immediately exploiting black’s lack of coordination and activity. Kasparov was left with a weakened pawn structure and Timman continued with his aggressive intentions with 27. Nd5! and the fantastic temporary piece sacrifice 32. Nf6!! – leaving white with a winning initiative after the smoke had cleared. Kasparov tried to fight with the counter shot 40. …Ra1! – however Timman cool-headedly ended the game with 41. Qf6+! PGN available here: www.chessgames.com Interface used is ICC, sign up at: www.chessclub.com