This page contains hints and tips, regarding ChessCreator PDF booklets:

1. In simple terms, if it’s highlighted in blue it can be clicked. One single mouse click: (a) opens up a page on; (b) begins a game against an online chess engine; (c) navigates to a different part of the PDF; or (d) opens up a page on an external website.

2. The first page of each and every PDF contains the title, sub-title, opening moves, and details about the Publisher and Co-Publisher. If the product is commercial, then a price will also be stated.

3. The second page of each and every PDF is similar to the Contents page, in a traditional book.  For instance, it will include a list of the Games selected, and a brief introduction into the book itself.

4. For each and every game, there will be a game information page. These contain all the moves in Standard Algebraic Notation, and an area for notes. To use this, print the page, write the notes, and file in a safe place for future reference.

5. After the Game information page, comes the Forsyth Edwards Notation index page.  From here, one can click on game moves and continue playing against a powerful chess engine (ELO c. 2000). This opens up a web page on, which, in addition to the chess board and pieces, will also indicate which colour is to move next.

6.  The next pages are diagrammatic, rendered in high-resolution 2-D. Each page features 8 game panels, showing the game move-by-move. Algebraic and Forsyth Edwards notation are shown, too, to help develop pattern recognition.  The FEN strings can be clicked, whereupon users can create their own personalised / customised chess diagrams.  This means, it’s possible to print/save diagrams of a certain point, in a specific game, to enable offline study.

7. On the last page of all PDFs, is a list of high value Chess suppliers. These include sellers of engines, books, sets, magazines, as well as various chess websites.  At the bottom of the final page, is a list of publishing specifications including the date and time, font, page numbers, and colours used.

8. If there are additional questions, please use the Contact Us form :)