Immortal Zugzwang Game – Queen’s Indian Defense – Friedrich Saemisch vs Aron Nimzowitsch

In this video, we see a clash of the titans – Nimzovich responds to d4 with the Queen’s Indian Defense, and Saemisch decides to play the Fianchetto Variation with 4. g3. Saemisch activates the knight early with 8. Ne5 and opens up his bishop on g2, so Nimzowitsch plays 8. …c6 to overprotect his center and reduce the tension on the h1-a8 diagonal. White begins to play routine, mechanical developing moves without a cohesive plan – resulting in passive position very early in the middlegame. 12. …Nc6! was the start of a very subtle and deep plan of prophylaxis by Nimzovich, angling to push back white’s pieces while simultaneously activating black’s pieces via a truly harmonious design. With 15. …Nh5! black began to exploit white’s lack of a plan in the opening, and with 16. …f5 black had a near-decisive advantage in space and coordination. Nimzovich finished the rest of the game very precisely, combining a dangerous attack in the center and kingside with devastating prophylaxis – leaving Saemisch to resign with 25. …h6!! as white was left without any constructive moves! PGN: Interface used ICC: