Chess Is Child’s Play – review of best-selling book.

A good friend of mine, Laura Sherman, has just had a chess book published.

As a special treat, a free chapter of Chess Is Child’s Play can be downloaded with Laura’s compliments [*]. If you enjoy ‘The Rook’, and find it helpful teaching your child to play chess, please consider purchasing the book through Amazon [UK:, US:

To whet your appetite even more, here's a review of this innvative chess book!

Chess Is Chid's Play - ranked in Top 20 chess books on Amazon

Chess Is Child's Play is designed to help 'parents / teachers / coaches / anyone ' to teach children about chess. It has lots of diagrams, fun mini-games, and practical tips to keep those young minds engaged.   I’ve almost 20 years in publishing, and I was impressed with the production quality of the book. Based upon their combined coaching and playing experience, Laura’s book is visually appealing, well written and jam packed with original, practical content.

Example of a mini-game, designed to make learning fun.

Currently, 'Chess is Child’s Play - teaching techniques that work' is bouncing around in the Top 20 best-selling chess books on Amazon - amazing! Almost all of us share fond memories of being taught the game itself, and this is the true benefit of Laura’s book – the opportunity to create those memories with the next generation.

There is more information available about the book, and its authors - UK:, US: - and there’s also an adorable must-watch video ( If you do nothing else, just watch the video, share it with friends, and click on the Amazon like buttons! Example of simple, practical tips, based upon years of coaching experience

In conclusion, this is not just another chess book for children, far from it! As an ex-USCF 2000 rated player, Laura (with her business partner, Bill) has created something innovative, something original and something special. After all, a book that helps anyone create wonderful chess memories with their children must be worth its weight in gold.

Don't forget - as a special treat, a free chapter of Chess Is Child's Play can be downloaded FREE. If you enjoy 'The Rook', and find it helpful teaching your child to play chess, please consider purchasing the book through Amazon [UK:, US:

Chess gives children an enormous advantage in life. Teach your child today!

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