Chess game: French Exchange + neo-Rubinstein inc. queen trap, sacrifices, blunders and planning!

This game began as a French Exchange, after 1.e4 e6, 2.d4 d5, 3 exd, Qxd5 – mixing French and Scandinavian ideas — which I’ve covered in a previous video. The starting plan included b6/Bb7/c6 with Qc7/Bd6 and Nbd7/Nf6 intending 0-0-0. In this game, I trapped my opponents Queen, then — seconds later — and losing my train of thought – blundered a Rook. This equalised the position, where, after some thought, I came up with a revised plan. I thought I played well in the opening, where I had a clear plan. I also played well after the Rook blunder; again, having a clear plan. Make of that what you will! In the end, I win the game (for the second time!), albeit after a fight. In chess, planning in a game is so, so important — as is concentration (even in short time controls).