Caro-Kann Defense – WILD ICC Blitz Game! vs Onemoretime One More Time

♕ ARTICLE: ♕ ♕ Caro-Kann Defense: I opened with e4 and black responded with the Caro-Kann. I was trying to follow some topical lines that I have seen many top players employing lately, mainly revolving around a very rapid opening of the center which usually leads to sharp complications. Before I was able to break with c4, black gave me the opportunity to snatch a pawn on c5 which I did happily. Black was unable to receive adequate positional compensation because I was able to close the position and place my knight on an excellent square – d4, where it exerted a lot of pressure on black’s position. White’s energetic play in the opening led to a serious space advantage, which forced black to sacrifice a piece to try to obtain counterplay – although with a few accurate moves white was able to emerge from the complications with an extra piece for a pawn. Interface used ICC: