Benoni Defense – ICC Blitz Chess – Gettin weaseled by FM Weasel

♕ ARTICLE: ♕ ♕ Benoni Defense: White opens with d4 and I decided to respond with the Benoni Defense. This game exemplifies many of the most important concepts in the Benoni Defense, as white gains a slight space and positional advantage in the opening and black must rapidly fight hard for activity. I decided to employ a plan that I had seen in a few of Bobby Fischer’s games, involving 13. …g5!? and 14. …Ne5 – trying to establish a bind on the dark squares in the position and create good squares for knights. After 18. Bxe5, white’s precise play in the opening forced me to resort to drastic measures to maintain active counterplay with the black pieces by sacrificing an exchange with 18. …Rxe5!? and 19. …Nxe4!? Although I was able to obtain sufficient counterplay with the sacrifice, I used too much time in the opening and ending up losing on time. Interface used ICC: