61st Women’s Russian Superfinal chess championship 2011

The 61stWomen’s Russian Championship took place in Moscow, Russia, between August 18 to 29. This prestigious tournament didn’t get lots of coverage in the chess media due to (a) most of the materials were available only in Russian; and (b)  the distraction caused by the World Cup.

This time there were 10 participants (instead of the usual 12). The field was quite strong and featured, among others, ex-Women’s World Chess Сhampion Alexandra Kosteniuk (2497) and two times runner-up Alisa Galliamova (2492).

Other players were Natalia Pogonina (2442), Anastasia Bodnaruk (2431), Elena Zaiatz (2419), Tatiana Shadrina (2373), Olga Girya (2371), Kovanova Baira (2354), and Daria Charochkina (2310).

The results were as follows, courtesy of Chess.com