4 INSANE Live Bullet Chess Games with a Master on ICC! Rapidchess Blitz

♕ ARTICLE: www.onlinechesslessons.net ♕ facebook.com ♕ twitter.com Game 1 — Woody (FM) vs WStewart I had black in game 1 of this chess video against Woody (FM), and was slightly caught off guard by the double bishop fianchetto opening employed by the Fide Master with the white pieces. Black was able to react solidly and achieve a strong initiative on the queenside out of the opening. However, I spent way too much time trying to find a plan and was on the verge of flagging when my opponent walked into a checkmate. Game 2 — WStewart vs sokhartal I opened with a strange move order that resulted in the Closed Sicilian, however because I was able to save a tempo by playing an early h3 and direct g4 without playing g3 first. Black made a few serious positional errors and white was able to establish a very dangerous bind on the light squares which resulted in a winning attack. Game 3 — Tripsy vs WStewart I opened up with the Sicilian Defense and quickly tried to control the dark squares in the center. After 14. …d5 I gained good space in the center with a very good position in the resulting middlegame. Black developed a strong initiative which he was able to convert in time pressure. Game 4 — WStewart vs Abdelkrim I opened with e4 and black responded with the Fianchetto Variation of the Alekhine Defense. I was able to get good play on the light squares and create a dangerous initiative on the queenside, however white lost in a time scramble. Interface used ICC: www